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In my home we frequently use the expressions, get an “app” for that, or we need an app for that.  As an iphone loving family app’s are part of our vernacular.  So when I got my own apps, it was VERY exciting!!!  As far as my twenty-something kids were considered Mama had finally hit the big leagues!

Winning all kinds of awards over the years–didn’t impress them.  Being in Oprah’s magazine–didn’t impress them.  Running a 10 million dollar company–didn’t impress them.  Getting an App–now that impressed the hell out of them!  You know you have done something right when you become your child’s Facebook status!!!

My Stepping Stones and Permission to Dream cards are available as an App, inspiration has arrived for your phone!



Lisa Hammond
The Barefoot CEO ®

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It seems that we are being given reminders in both large global ways and in small personal ways to focus on what matters.  A new sense of hope and opportunity seems to be emerging. Let’s embrace it! Find the time to give back, speak and show your affection often, keep promises, believe more strongly in first steps.8930

Let’s begin putting our intentions into action. I am talking about a new way of approaching life. The way we spend our time is ultimately the way we spend our lives. Devote your time and energy to what really matters.

What do you always think about doing, but don’t actually do? What does your heart desire? Have you always wanted to run a marathon, take a trip to the land of your ancestors, take a photography class, learn to speak another language, plant a garden, or volunteer at a local charity? Let this be the year you actually do it! The reality is we make time for whatever is really important to us. If it is truly a priority we find, we carve out, we create the time.

One of the first quotes I added to the deck of  inspirational cards I created called Stepping Stones was a favorite by Ivy Baker Priest, “The world is round, and the place which may seem like the end may also be the beginning.”   It’s fun to say that now both my Stepping Stones and Permission to Dream cards are AP’s for the iphone!

Sometimes on the way to your dream you get lost and find a better one. It is never too late to start living the life you were meant to live!

Lisa Hammond
The Barefoot CEO ®

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